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About Vallifitness

Stretch Yourself!

How would it feel if you had more than enough energy?

So much energy, in fact, that you could not only manage your daily activities but also had enough pep left over to relish the unexpected: a spontaneous hike with friends, long days of sightseeing on that dream vacation, or even an impromptu game of volleyball at the beach.


ValliFitness Will Show You How To Gain The Strength And Stamina To Meet The Demands And Challenges In Your Life.

Are You Fit Enough to Be a Grandmother?

How it all came to be…

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If you would like more information about Wellness Coaching and/or In-Home Personal Training with ValliFITNESS please fill out the form to the lieft,
or call Valli: 917-733-3485

I look forward to our partnership for better health and fitness!

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